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Pavimentos de Tudela:
more than 30 years with you.

In 1987 PVT is created, with the experience of founders in the production of pavements, and dedicated to the production of anti-slip pavements for outdoor applications. Since then, the company has always counted on a human team that combines the veteran experience with the illusion of a young staff.

PVT has become a leader company in the development of solutions in the area of sustainable construction, especially with decontaminating products.

PVT is the first company in the sector in obtaining quality certificate of standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 in 2000.


The company has two factories in Navarra (Tudela and Cabanillas), with three production sections and several manufacturing lines equipped with the most advanced technologies, that allows having a wide productive capacity.

Main Headquarters

Tudela factory

Cabanillas factory

PVT has needed resources and equipments in order to perform the test for the mechanical properties of the products (resistance, wear, anti-slipping, etc.). It also has the means to evaluate pollutants degradation, thanks to the analyzers (also portable ones), especially designed to measures the decontaminating effect of all the products.

For PVT, innovation is not only a challenge, while a way of living in the world of construction materials.

Directive team


José Luis Moracho


Javier Martón

Daniel Alonso

Daniel Alonso

Victor Moracho

Víctor Moracho


Carlos Pérez

Jesús Chirinos

Jesús Chirinos

Quality and customer service (Vision and values)

PVT is the first company in the sector in obtaining quality certificate of standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 in 2000.

Independent and certified laboratories periodically confirm that their products comply with the existing standards for concrete prefabricated for outdoor applications, which are standard EN 13748-2:2004 or EN 1339:2003. The company also has an internal laboratory , where the most significative production parameters are tested daily.

However, the compromise of PVT goes further from the minimum required by law. Quality is not a matter of minimum required while maximum possible.

A prove of this compromise, is that ecoGranic has been certified by Applus+ as the only pavement in the market with the capacity of degrading nitrogen oxides, with classification 3, according to UNE 127197-1:2013 and number of certificate PR-1253-057.

The best prove of the quality service is the number of customers that have been trusting in PVT during these years. The service is work attitude, which covers all the process and those customers appreciate.

There are a lot of actions that helps to take advantage of all the goodness of PVT products: delivery, unloading with auto-portable systems, proper collocation, serving small batches, personalization and technical advice.

In the world of construction, PVT knows that unexpected events to solve are frequent. In these cases, flexibility is essential. Being there, supporting the technician and the constructor is the only way to contribute to the right development.

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