DPS: Dry Paving System

DPS is a construction system that integrates a permeable paving with an underground structure made up of polymeric geocells, endowed with a high infiltration capacity and retention of rainwater under its surface.

The ecoDraining® concrete pieces developed by PVT, whose composition and porosity guarantee water permeability, both by mass and joint, occupy the upper part of the system. Its side separators guarantee the formation of uniform joints through which water can leak.

The Hidrocell polymeric geocells framework supports the ecoDraining flooring with which they are linked by means of a system of crossheads and grooves specially designed to ensure their fit. Between the ecoDraining pieces and the Hidrocell geocells, a thin layer of geotextile facilitates the infiltration of water and prevents the passage of particles, allowing a perfect anchorage between the geocells and the pavement. The fit between all its elements, both vertically and horizontally, make DPS work as a single entity, giving it cohesion and mechanical characteristics far superior to those of each of its parts separately.

DPS Advantages

DPS is a Sustainable Urban Drainage System that constitutes an excellent solution for the efficient management of rainwater

Water management

1. Recruitment

Rainwater or runoff quickly crosses the surface of the pavement, being momentarily retained between the polymer cells.

2. Infiltration

The stored water gradually infiltrates into the subsoil depending on the permeability of the terrain.

3. Transportation

Taking into account the inclination of the land and the type of base, the water can be transported in a controlled manner to an accumulation tank and can be used for watering gardens, cleaning streets, gradually infiltrating the land, being able to derive the surplus to a spillway or the nearest storm drain.

DPS is a system developed by…