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DPS: Dry Paving System

The Dry Paving System (DPS) is a Sustainable Urban Drainage System that offers an excellent solution for efficient rainwater management. DPS integrates a permeable pavement and an underground structure formed by polymeric geocells with a high capacity of infiltration and retention of rainwater under its surface.

The ecoDraining® concrete slabs, whose composition and porosity guarantee water permeability -both by mass and by joint- forms the upper layer of the system. Their side spacers guarantee the formation of uniform joints through which water can be evacuated.

The Hidrocell polymeric geocell framework supports the ecoDraining pavement. They are set by a framework of crosses and slots specially designed to assure their adjustment. Between the ecoDraining pieces and the Hidrocell geocells, a thin layer of geotextile facilitates the infiltration of water and prevents the passage of particles, allowing a perfect anchorage between the geocells and the concrete paving.

DPS Advantages

Sustainable Urban Drainage System that constitutes an excellent solution for the efficient management of rainwater

Investment, not spending
Fast and sustainable installation
Reduction of the heat island effect
Sustainable system
High architectural performance
Resistance to frost
Easy maintenance and cleaning
25 year warranty

Water management

1. Capture

Rain or runoff water quickly permeates the pavement´s surface, being momentarily retained between the polymer cells.

2. Infiltration

The stored water gradually infiltrates into the subsoil according to its degree of permeability.

3. Transportation

Depending on the slope of the ground and the type of base, water can be transported in a controlled manner to an accumulation tank to be used for garden irrigation or street cleaning, infiltrating the ground gradually. The excess can be diverted to a spillway or the nearest rainwater collector.

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