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ecoGranic® Hogar is a pavement with decontaminating capacity for outdoor areas of homes.

Environmental solution to turn the exterior of your house into a healthier home. Thanks to the ecoGránic technology, it performs a natural cleaning of polluting gases and turns them into innocuous elements for people.

The latest-generation ecological concrete decontamination slab is perfect for patios, porches, terraces, sidewalks, swimming pools, garages, parking entrances, etc. Renew, rehabilitate or place your floor with the best features.

ecoGranic® home is a product of PVT, with the guarantee of maximum degree of decontamination certified by APPLUS.

Why choose ecoGranic Hogar?


The slab is activated in the presence of light producing a reaction similar to the photosynthesis of plants attacking polluting products. The decontaminating effect remains active throughout the life of the soil.


In addition to its high degree of hardness, in the ecoGranic slab the passage of time and inclement weather has a much lower impact than in other types of soil, such as natural wood, ceramics or paving stones.


Regarding security, ecoGranic is one of the materials on the market that has a greater anti-slip capacity, which makes it the ideal solution for pool areas, patios, gardens and any outdoor floor.

Aesthetics and maintenance

In addition to its standard finishes, it offers the possibility of designing and customizing different tones and even patterns and drawings. The placement is very simple and economical. And, best of all, it does not need any maintenance.

Formats and models

ecoGranic Hogar is available in 3 slab sizes, and always with live singing, although PVT has the capacity to manufacture it in a custom size.

ecoGranic Hogar 20x30x4
Slab Hogar 20x30x4

mm: 200x300x40

Canto vivoBicapaImpermeable


ecoGranic Hogar 100x20x8
Slab Hogar 100x20x8

mm: 1000x200x80

Canto vivoBicapaImpermeable


ecoGranic Hogar 100x40x65
Slab Hogar 100x40x6,5

mm: 1000x400x65

Canto vivoBicapaImpermeable



Finishes and colours

ecoGranic® Hogar is available in 3 colors, in fine texture.

EcoGranic Hogar Acero

ecoGranic Hogar Acero

EcoGranic Hogar Ártico

ecoGranic Hogar Ártico

EcoGranic Hogar Travertino

ecoGranic Hogar Travertino

ecoGranic Hogar points of sale

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