Finishes and colours


The veined finish imitates the warmth of the natural veins mixing, in one piece and randomly, two colors. In this way, each paving unit is a unique piece. We also have a wide range of attractive colors that remain unchanged with the passage of time. We can create customized colors, meeting any need.
Plomo (Plumb)
Océano (Ocean)
Hierba (Grass)
Moca (Mocha)
Fuego (Fire)
Cuero (Leather)
Veined Travertine
Marbled land
Óxido (Oxid)
Cardeno (Purple)
Arena (Sand)
Nieve (Snow)
Acero (Steel)
Veined Mica


The arid finish seen enhances the uniform color of the dough with the colors of the arid seen, granitic, siliceous and basaltic getting a colorful and very slippery texture. The quality of the selected aggregates, their hardness, the inalterable colorants and the internal waterproofing processes ensure a long life to the pavement. We can create customized colors, meeting any need.
Árido Visto Tierra
Árido Visto Acero
Arid Exposed Pearl Gray
Verde (Green)
Rosa (Pink)
Rojo (Red)
Ocre (Ochre)
Tierra (Land)
Acero (Steel)
Blanco (White)
Gris Perla (Grey)
Negro (Black)

Bush hammered

The bush hammered finish gives ecoGranic an appearance more similar to a natural stone product, giving it also a better anti-slip capacity. We can create customized colors, meeting any need.
Abujardado Tierra
Abujardado Océano
Abujardado Hierba
Abujardado Bardenas
Ocre (Ochre)
Tierra (Land)
Rosa (Pink)
Arena (Sand)
Cuero (Leather)
Gris (Grey)
Acero (Steel)


This new finish gives the products a rough and very slippery stony texture, which combined with a soft color chart gives it a very natural look.
Gommée Roncal
Gommée Roncal
Gommée Irati
Gommée Salazar
Gommée Aneto
Gommée Andía
Gommée Aralar
Gommée Urbasa
Gommée Baztán


This texture comes to cover a gap in the paving of the exteriors of our cities. Better cleaning and provides a special shine to the concrete slabs, complying with the anti-slip standards.
Adoucie Ulzama
Adoucie Roncal
Adoucie Irati
Adoucie Salazar
Adoucie Aneto
Adoucie Andía
Adoucie Aralar
Adoucie Urbasa
Adoucie Baztán


The shot-blasting finish gives the concrete product a stony and very slippery look, similar to that of a bush-hammered natural stone.
Grenaillée Ulzama
Grenaillée Aralar
Grenaillée Irati
Grenaillée Salazar
Grenaillée Aneto
Grenaillée Andía
Grenaillée Roncal
Grenaillée Urbasa
Grenaillée Baztán