Your project

New project design and development service

Now pvt advises and accompanies you throughout the design and development process of your project. We can carry out the entire process for you, from the initial study to the construction management, or if you prefer, any of the phases that we detail below.

1. Initial proposal

We make a first approximation to what could be the final result of the project, including infographics and multimedia presentations.


  • Surrounding analysis
  • Infographics (schemes and photorealistic images)
  • Videos
  • Multimedia presentations

2. Draft

Dossier with more detailed information regarding plans, economic estimates and decontaminating performance of the ecoGranic pavement.


  • Surrounding analysis
  • General project proposal (2D and 3D plans)
  • Economic estimate of the proposal
  • Infographics and videos of the proposal
  • Media presentation
  • Estimation of decontamination ranges

3. Project

Complete development with everything necessary (plans, reports, certificates and budget) to start the work.


  • Detailed environment analysis
  • Complete documentation of the project (plans, reports, certificates and budget)
  • Infographics and videos of the proposal
  • media presentation
  • Decontamination study

4. Construction management

We take care of the start-up and monitoring of the work, as well as carrying out the corresponding decontamination studies.


  • Commissioning of the execution project
  • Comprehensive monitoring of the construction process
  • Data collection and real decontamination studies