PVT has the capacity to manufacture personalized or customized slabs, both newly created and for replacements and maintenance.

Traditional tiles are an important part of the flooring in our cities and towns. PVT does not give up manufacturing them and maintaining their traditional models to provide replacement and maintenance services to our customers.

For this same purpose, PVT manufactures any outdoor flooring that other suppliers have been able to supply, guaranteeing our councils the safety of a portfolio of products that covers all their needs.

Cities like Burgos or Logroño already rely on our replacement services for the maintenance of their streets.

Custom slabs

If you need slabs in a specific size or format, we adapt. We are capable of manufacturing the sizes that the client requires, and with the finish that is desired, in case you want something different from the ones that we propose. Some of the models in our catalog have been born from the suggestion of an architect or are the result of an express collaboration.

Custom slabs

We also make exclusive designs. From the design of specific municipal slabs, to the making of official shields to place as a detail or the improvement of traditional models to which we incorporate all possible innovations, there are a large number of actions that give value to a development and unite us with a landscape. .

Tactile slabs

The tactile tiles are those that, due to their differentiated texture and colour, serve as a reference for pedestrians with visual deficiencies and ensure maximum anti-slip properties on ramps for the disabled. They are manufactured with two models of plugs: conical trunk and spherical trunk.

Street furniture

PVT offers customized solutions for street furniture. Our design department, in close collaboration with architects and construction companies, works continuously so that our products respond to the various construction details of the projects that arrive at our offices. Our wide range of formats and finishes, with its unlimited combinations, allows the creation of total works, in which both the pavement and its connections and extension to different urban elements act as a continuous unit.