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PVT has the capacity to manufacture personalized custom built product, both new creation and repositions

Traditional slabs are an important part of the floorings of our cities and towns. PVT does not renounce to produce them and maintain their traditional models for reposition and maintenance services of our customers.

UIT this same purpose, PVT produces any outdoor pavement that other suppliers have provided, warranting to our city councils a portfolio that covers all their needings.

Cities as Burgos or Logroño already trust in our reposition services for their streets maintenance.

Custom built slabs

If you need slabs with a specific size or format, we can adapt. We are able to produces all the sizes required by the customer, and with the desired finish, in case that he wants a different one from our proposals. Some of the models of our catalogue are born from the suggestion of an architect of a express collaboration.

Personalized slabs

We also produce exclusive designs. Since the specific design of municipal slabs, to the realization of official shields for details or the improvement of traditional models with the incorporation of all possible innovations, there is a great number of actions that give value to a urbanization and joins us to the landscape.

Podotactile slabs

Podotactile slabs are those ones useful for being a reference for visual special-needs pedestrians, owing to their different texture and colour, and ensure the maximum anti-slipping behaviour in ramps for disabled.

Urban furniture

Mobiliario urbano PVT

PVT offers customized solutions for urban furniture. Our design department, in close collaboration with architects and construction companies, works continuously so that our products respond to the various construction details of the projects that come to our offices. Our wide range of formats and finishes, with their unlimited combinations, allows us to create total works, in which both the pavement and its encounters and extension to different urban elements act as a continuous unit.

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