graniBlock+ evolves. In this new version, the classic quality values ​​of this family (high resistance concrete slab) are maintained.

It is manufactured with top quality materials and certified by our suppliers, maintaining its characteristics of compression, traction, bending, wear, etc.

This new version incorporates recycled material in its manufacture, making it a more sustainable product. It also incorporates a surface treatment that seals shades and waterproofs in depth, which improves the durability of the colors and benefits cleaning.

Technical description

PVT graniBlock+ high-resistance modular concrete slabs, made with silicon, granitic or basaltic aggregates, using up to 20% recycled material in their manufacture. Its visible face is additived with tone sealants and waterproofing in depth, improving its aging and cleanliness.

Models and finishes

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graniBlock+ can be manufactured on request in a single layer version.

Uses and placement

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