Cavity walls

PVT also offers coverings with ecoGranic technology, ideal for cavity walls of our buildings, turning them into authentic lungs for the cities.

Combining the benefits of ecoGranic in terms of its maintenance, aesthetics and environmental advantages, with the virtues of a ventilated facade in improving acoustic and thermal insulation, make this combination the best choice for covering our houses. This technique has many advantages in the rehabilitation of buildings.

Ventilated facade with ecoGranic®

Ventilated facade profile

The ventilated facade is a system that is increasingly used in all types of projects due to its great qualities in terms of health and improvements in terms of thermal and acoustic conditions of the enclosure.

The system makes it possible to improve the energy performance of the building facilities.

In this case, we combine it with ecoGranic in a thickness of 4cm, grooved on the edge for concealed fixing and we add to the qualities of ecoGranic the advantages of this structural system.

Technical information

  • Fixing type: hidden
  • Facade weight: 90 kg/m2
  • PV Sections (PDF)

DRY200 integral enclosure with ecoGranic®

DRY200 integral enclosure profile

DRY200 is a lightweight integral enclosure system combined with a ventilated facade, which guarantees speed in execution and allows flexibility in the facade composition.

The system is based on a sequential construction process, in which different layers are assembled that function as a whole. The set complies with the regulatory requirements applicable to any type of conventional facade, guaranteeing the specific thermal and acoustic requirements of each project, sealing, etc. It is fully removable and recoverable, which increases its versatility.

In this case, we combine it with a 4cm-thick ecoGranic, grooved on the edge for concealed fixing. In this way, we add to the qualities of ecoGranic, the advantages of this structural and complete enclosure system.

Technical information


Coatings with ecoGranic, in addition to combating contamination, provide another series of constructive advantages:

  • Improved thermal behavior
  • Improvement of acoustic behavior
  • Promotes energy savings
  • Improves protection against atmospheric agents
  • Reduction in maintenance cost

Available formats

Both products are available in two formats: