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PVT also offers coverings with ecoGranic technology, ideal for cavity walls of our buildings, turning them into authentic lungs for the cities.

Join togheter ecoGranic benefits, such as maintenance, esthetic and environmental advantages, with the cavity walls virtues for the improvements in the acoustic isolating has a lot of advantages in buildings rehabilitation.

Cavity walls with ecoGranic®

Ventilated facade system is more and more used in all types of projects due to their high quality in terms of health and improvement in thermal and acoustic enclosure.

The system improves the energy performance of the building facilities.

In this case, we combine ventilated facade with ecoGranic in 4cm thick slotted in the upper edge for hidden fixing and adding the advantages of this structural system to the qualities of ecoGranic.

Technical info

  • Kind of fixationg: hidden
  • Wall weight: 90 kg/m2
  • FV sections (PDF)

Integral closing DRY200 with ecoGranic®

DRY200 is a lightweight integrated enclosure system combined with ventilated facade , which guarantees speed of execution, and allows flexibility in the composition of the facade.

The system is based on a sequential building process in which are placed different layers which function as a whole. The set complies with regulatory requirements of any conventional facade, ensuring thermal and acoustic requirements of each concrete project. It is fully removable and recoverable, which increases its versatility.

In this case, we combine it with ecoGranic in 4cm thick slotted in the upper edge for hidden fixing. Moreover, we add the advantages of whole enclosure to ecoGranic.

Technical info


Coatings with ecoGranic, besides fighting against pollution, provide some other advantages:

  • Improves thermal behaviour
  • Improves acoustic behaviour
  • Promotes energy saving
  • Improves protection against atmospheric agents
  • Maintenance cost reduction

Available models

60×40 cm (x4 thickness)

50×50 cm (x4 thickness)

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